To create efficient and effective organisations built on a trust-based culture.

We help organisations to achieve their strategies. Working with Universities and Professional Membership Organisations, in particular, we use organisation design and workforce analytics to create efficient and effective organisations built on a trust-based culture.

'All organisations are perfectly designed to get the results they get'   Arthur W Jones.

Many organisations are falling behind the performance demanded of well-informed modern-day customers. They are struggling to survive today's challenges, let alone realise their future ambitions. But what needs to change?

Improving processes through re-engineering and lean improvement programmes, or developing capabilities by focusing on core competencies are popular approaches. They have their place but have led to a cascade of quick-fix fads and panaceas, which frequently fall short because they fail to address a fundamental problem – poor organisation design.

Those responsible for ensuring their organisations remain competitive rarely look beyond the organisation chart to define how to organise themselves to meet their strategic ambitions. To create an effective organisation design, managers need deeper insight – one that connects work to structure.

We aim to disrupt how organisation design is currently thought about and practised. Our approach is new, innovative and data-driven. We have yet to find an organisation that does not have the potential for a surge upwards.

What we do

BYS Consulting works with clients to develop, design and align strategy, structure, systems, and staff. We help

  • to establish efficient, effective and economical organisation designs
  • to develop a culture where people trust each other to work together in an honest and straightforward manner

We believe that systems and staff can't be productive, no matter what improvement initiative is adopted, unless the strategy and organisation structure are aligned.


There is a range of benefits that flow from having an efficient and effective organisation built on a trust-based culture.

  • Financial viability – reduced costs, improved profits or operating surplus, and positive cash flow.
  • Accountable and authoritative managers – people understand what they are responsible for and are capable of achieving their goals.
  • Mutual trust and concern between employees – people know they are part of a reliable team.
  • Orderly work environment – offices and shop floors are safe and pleasant to work in.
  • Robust, effective business systems – work is performed free of defects.
  • Streamlined efficient processes – items flow free of delays.

Macro Organisation Design Service

  • To understand, and reorientate if necessary, the organisation's strategy, and how it is organised to achieve it.

  • To design and align the macro organisation structure to achieve its goals and objectives.

Micro Organisation Design Service

  • To understand the work and management systems within the organisation, and to restructure it to achieve the strategy in the most efficient and effective manner

  • To analyse the data at a granular detailed level to make well informed decisions on how best to structure departments, teams and individuals.

The BYS Consulting Brochure